Automated Management Decision Tool for PTE's

Goodbye, FACs. Hello Simplification.

System 133 is an Automated Management Decision tool for PTE’s meant to limit administrative burden. System 133 pulls all information from FAC for all of your grantees subject to the single audit requirements. We pull from data in our database and make it easy to use and make a dashboard for PTEs and grantees. Grantees can go in and address any corrective actions, or any outstanding items on their single audit. Any PTE that has access to the system, even if they’re not the originator of the grant, can go in and see any grantee they’re assigned to. PTEs have the ability to send mass management decision letters or can send management decision letters one by one. The system maintains an audit log of every management decision letter sent, all communications with the grantee, along with the status of those corrective actions for the last three years.